sparq 5x

“Heart Check: BOOM BOOM”

SPARQ Elite Athletics is one of the most unique and rapidly growing performance training companies in San Antonio, Texas. SPARQ  focuses on the core values of Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction and Quickness to holistically develop the bodies of our athletes and adult fitness members alike. Our trainers hold degrees and certifications in their given area of expertise and not only studied their field but performed as athletes as well, giving SPARQ  athletes an advantage when preparing for elite level sports and fitness. Our curriculum and training forces athletes to push themselves to their maximum ability both physically and mentally to obtain elite results.We expose flaws, develop talent, and nurture the body to perform at it’s ultimate capacity.


SPARQ Rookie Training
Check out Athletic Training details for performance training for all ages.

Through mentor-ship, diet and fitness analysis, and true effort SPARQ members are able to reach tangible goals during their training. Whether your goal is to make a college or professional team or improve your health, we guarantee professional service with high quality results. At SPARQ we don’t just train. We build elite athletes.


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